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Weather in Budapest

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Hungary’s climate is fairly predictable, with four full seasons and bereft of temperature extremes and precipitation. Budapest’s winters can be cold with mild amounts of snow, and summers are warm and sunny. July and August are the city’s hottest months.

Seasons in Budapest

Spring can be one of the best times to visit, as it brings abundant sunshine and only scattered showers. The temperature starts to rise noticeably in April; highs usually reach 80F (25°C) at the end of the month, though short cold spells with ground frost may strike even in the beginning of May.

Summers are far from boring: prolonged hot periods with highs between 90-100F (32-35°C) interchange with short, cooler, wet periods with highs between 70-80F (18-25°C). Summer nights are usually very warm.

Fall temperatures can stay above 70F (20°C) until the end of October; however, nights get colder. The Indian Summer can last for weeks with beautiful weather. November brings plentiful rainfall, and sometimes even snow as well as a drastic fall in temperature.

Winters in Budapest can vary. Westerly winds bring mild oceanic air with highs between 40-50F (5-10°C). Depressions moving in from the Mediterranean Sea can bring snowstorms, followed by bitter cold air from Russia. Winters are usually cold (especially in January) with some snow fall.