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Getting Around in Budapest

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Budapest Public Transportation

Most of Budapest’s city centre and historic districts are suitable for walking. There are pedestrian precincts in down town Pest and traffic is restricted on Castle Hill, so walking is probably the best way to get around. However, Budapest also has an excellent public transportation system. (buses, trams, trolley buses, and subway system (or metro as the locals call it). Outer suburbs are well served by HÉV trains (suburban railway)


Taxis are best ordered by phone and not hailed in the street; when called, they are cheaper and there is no chance that you will pick up the one or two ‘private taxis’ who charge outrageous fares. You can call a taxi even at short notice; they will normally arrive within 5-15 minutes.

Residents in Budapest rarely flag down taxis in the street and our advice is to always call one of the recommended companies.

According to a new taxi regulation passed by the Municipality of Budapest all licensed taxi drivers must adhere to a new fare structure and charge the same price.

Base fare: HUF 450
Price per minute: HUF 70
Price per kilometre: HUF 280

Reliable taxi firms charging fair rates, not ‘tourist tariffs’ (operators are English-speaking).
Taxi Plus (+36-1) 8-888-888
Citytaxi: (+36-1) 211-1111
Főtaxi: (+36-1) 222-2222
Budataxi: (+36-1) 233-3333
Tele5 taxi: (+36-1) 355-5555
Rádiótaxi: (+36-1) 377-7777