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Emergency and Security

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Doctors and Pharmacies

Tap water in Budapest is generally safe to drink. Public restrooms are practically non-existent in Budapest, with the exception of shopping malls. Both locals and tourists use the restrooms in shopping malls, cafés and restaurants (especially fast food). The fee for the use of washrooms and toilets is HUF 100 – 200, as most of them still have attendants.

Medical assistance and pharmacies in Budapest
There is a 24-hour English-speaking hot line, where you can call for medical help. They can get you an English speaking doctor if needed.
Phone: (+36-1) 200-0100

There are emergency pharmacies, roughly one in every district. If a pharmacy is closed it will have a note with the address of the nearest open pharmacy.
Teréz Pharmacy
Address: Teréz körút 41, District 6
Phone: (+36-1) 311-4439


The general public security situation in Budapest is said to be good on an international average. Just as in any other big city the tourist’s wallet is in the greatest danger. Pick pocketing and bicycle thefts are frequent so pay extra attention to wallets and bags when using public transport, at railway stations, at shopping centres, markets or any other busy area. It is especially true for the weeks around Christmas when streets public transportation and shops are crowded with shoppers

Always request a menu showing all the prices before choosing your meals or drink or even before you enter the restaurant to eat at. In general restaurants are fairly priced for their service but there are a few – located in the city centre – that ridiculously overcharge. It is strongly advised to avoid restaurants and bars that do not list prices or provide a menu with prices. The US Embassy publishes an up-to-date list of venues to avoid.

The general emergency number is 112 which can be called free of charge. Should you need medical assistance Budapest, the best option is to call Falck’s 24-hour English-speaking hotline; they are very helpful and informative, and they can get you a doctor that speaks your language, or at least English. (06-1-2000-100)

There is also police number for foreigners to call („Tourist Police”). This 24-hour hot-line was set up specifically to help English-language speakers report crime. The office is based at V. Vigado utca 4.

Useful phone numbers
General Emergency number:112
Ambulance: 104
Police: 107
Tourist Police (0-24): 06-1-438-8080
Fire service: 105
International enquiries: 199
Auto club help number: 188
24-hour medical assistance in English (Falck SOS Hungary): 06-1-2000-100
24- hour pharmacy: District 6, Teréz krt 41. (telephone: 06-1-311-4439) near Oktogon
Airport Ferihegy – general (flight information) number: 06-1-296-7155
MÁVDIREKT  – Information about local and international trains: 06-1-371-9449