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Hungarian Cuisine

Hungarian kitchen has delicious dishes If you don’t like suprises you can check here what you will bite into.


Gulyas_01Gulyás (goulash)

What it is: Known to most as “goulash,” this popular soup is a Hungarian original. It contains chunks of beef, potatoes, and vegetables, plus plenty of paprika and spices.

Why it’s awesome: Originally made by cattle herdsman, gulyás is pure comfort food: hearty, homey, and hot.


www.gasztromanko.huPalacsinta (crépes)

What it is: The Hungarian version of crépes. Popular types include Hortobágyi, filled with ground meat, fried onion, and topped with a sour cream/paprika sauce, and Gundel, filled with ground walnuts, raisins, and rum and topped with dark chocolate sauce. Yep.

Why it’s awesome: Slightly thicker than its French counterpart, palacsinta is less prone to tear when containing richer fillings (see above). More to eat = more to love!


Porkolt_01Pörkölt (meat stew)

What it is: A pastoral stew made of meat (often beef or chicken gizzards), tomato, paprika, and onions, usually served with a side of Hungarian noodles called nokedli.

Why it’s awesome: Pörkölt is often cooked outside, over fire in a bogrács, which is a traditional —and heavy— Hungarian metal pot. Throw in a few friends, a loaf of great bread, and some wine, and it’s the anchor for one great garden party.


Halaszle_03Halászlé (fisherman’s soup)

What it is: A traditional Hungarian soup of paprika-spiced broth and thick cuts of river fish.

Why it’s awesome: Though it may look fairly simple, fisherman’s soup is traditionally made outside, over a fire, through a several-hour process that includes preparing a fish broth from scratch. Plus, the fish is usually locally sourced from the Tisza and Danube rivers.


Toltottkaposzta_04Töltött Káposzta (stuffed cabbage)

What it is: Large leaves of cabbage, stuffed with meat and rice, which are cooked and then smothered with sour cream.

Why it’s awesome: It’s straight-up Hungarian comfort food. Plus, the cabbage in Hungary is often pickled, offering a deliciously tangy component to this rich, savory dish.


Paprikascsirke_03Paprikás Csirke (chicken paprikash)

What it is: Perhaps one of Hungary’s most recognizable dishes, paprikás csirke is chicken in a creamy, paprika sauce, often served with (surprise!) sour cream.

Why it’s awesome: It’s hot, spicy, meaty goodness, and is generally accompanied by a delicious side of dumplings or pasta.


Turogomboc_01Túrógombóc (sweet cheese dumplings)

What it is: Orbs of sweetened túró cheese boiled, rolled in toasted bread crumbs, and generally served with vanilla sauce or sour cream and sugar.

Why it’s awesome: Túrógombóc are incredibly filling, which can easily mean DESSERT FOR DINNER!


Rakottkrumpli_03Rakott Krumpli (layered potatoes)

What it is: A baked casserole-type dish made of layers of sliced potatoes, eggs, sausage, sour cream, and cheese.

Why it’s awesome: It’s like the best parts of dinner and the best parts of breakfast came together and had a beautiful casserole baby.


Somloi_03Somlói Galuska (Somloi trifle)

What it is: A dessert made of three different types of sponge cake (plain, walnut, and chocolate), raisins, and walnuts, drizzled with dark chocolate rum sauce and topped with whipped cream.

Why it’s awesome: Much chocolate. Very cake.


Lecso_05Lecsó (vegetable stew)

What it is: A paprika vegetable stew of onions, tomatoes, and peppers, with variations including sausage and egg.

Why it’s awesome: Hearty and relatively healthy compared to most Hungarian fare, lecsó is simple in preparation yet rich in flavour.


Kurtoskalacs_01Kürtőskalács (chimney cake)

What it is: A Transylvanian sweet spiral pull-apart bread that is baked rotisserie-style outdoors over charcoal.

Why it’s awesome: Often rolled in cinnamon, sugar, cocoa, nuts, or coconut flakes, chimney cake is hot, fresh, sweet deliciousness. It’s the only type of downward spiral you’d never want to end.